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Fuelling Creativity in the Community

Here at Arthrive, we work so that our artists can do what they do the best - making art that matters to them and to the world. 

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Arthrive tackles the scarcity in space, exclusivity of galleries and lack of diversity in art in Hong Kong, by connecting disadvantaged and emerging artists with under-utilised spaces in businesses and community for exhibitions.


On the other hand, we want to to promote accessibility of original art for small businesses: at low cost, no hassle, and access to original art that promotes their brand all while supporting a meaningful social initiative.


We want to avoid the stigmatism that exposure equals payment - therefore, we designed a business model that  is self-sustainable for us as a non-for-profit, while ensuring our artists gets what they deserve - grateful to the support of our  art-loving community. 


We work to promote exposure and income opportunities for creatives. We help businesses with access to original, tailored and meaningful artwork at low cost. We work so artists could focus on what they do the best - make art that matters to them and to the world.



Artist | Educator | Researcher

Rose is a practising visual artist and art educator born in Hong Kong and based in Beijing. She was former programme Director of Education in Ullen centre of contemporary Art and has an MA in artist teaching and contemporary art practice at Goldsmiths College, University of London; and a Bachelor of Arts (Hon), Comparative Literature and Fine Art, University of Hong Kong. Her work is widely exhibited internationally and supported by organisations and funds such as Geoff Raby collections, TWT Creative Precinct and the Shanghai Museum of Modern Art.

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