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Gathering ∙ 聚有時  - Piece 2

Ink and colour on paper | 46 x 42 cm | 2021 

Exhibit with frame 

Aestheticism of beauty, grace and dynamism is germinated here to create a focus of attitude,  experience and perception that are seized by the dreamlike contemplation amongst the natural  landscape. The Chinese deified use of black and white is texturized on the medium of Xuan paper and  by the oozing technique. Rigid lines of the mountain reverberate with the rate of mist to haze over  the landscape, turned into a surreal realm of timeless, spaceless multiverse. 

In this series, Martha approached her paintings with an objective of expressing her inner self, the  sombre expressions from her interior is projected onto the exterior of the monumental landscape.  Despite the use of sombre theme, throughout this series, shades of subdued colour are building up  like condensation of the water cycle to express the silver lining.

Martha Cheung - 聚有時 2.2

  • Ink and colour on paper | 46 x 42 cm | 2021 

    Exhibit with frame

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