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Art for a cause

Sparking creativity in everyday life through co-creation and empowerment

Arthrive connects artists with unused community spaces for exhibition, and businesses with access to affordable, meaningful and original art.


We work to tackle the scarcity for space and limited exhibition opportunities for emerging and artists due to the intense commercialisation of art in Asia. We passionately believe in the transformative power of the art and strive to synchronise creativity with the community. 

We bring art into the society, and society into art. 

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Make an impact

Most artists who pursue a serious career in the arts know that there will be challenges.


Creative community, especially young artists seeking a professional career, face immense financial pressure. This is especially so in Hong Kong, a city known for its lack of space and hyper commercialisation. Art is judged by their commercial value rather than creativity or originality, and increasingly, artists work to survive, not to create.


We want to change this by creating exposure and income opportunities for artists by connecting them with businesses that are looking for affordable art and making social impact.

Our Artists

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Partner with Us

Sign up for art that nurtures your business

We partner with business and organisation to provide space for artists. You will get carefully curated and original art that fit your space and draw patrons, while making a difference.

Get your Art Seen

Join other artists in this journey

Interested in getting more exposure but don't know how? Join our artist community to get your art seen.

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